Care of Hands, Feet, Lips & Skin in Winter!

Care of Hands, Feet, Lips & Skin in Winter!

Winter skin care home way! With the arrival of winter every year, the human body begins to change. They look rough and dry, especially the hands and feet and mouth and lips. That’s why we can adopt some home methods or ways to take care of our skin every winter. We can protect our skin from dryness and roughness in winter by adopting the methods or means. For that we have to follow the following rules.

Hand and foot care in Winter

The reason for cold hands and feet! Cold hands and feet are a common cause in winter. It is a matter of concern that the hands and feet are not warm even after wearing thick clothes. If the hands and feet are cold for a long time, it is a sign of paralysis. A doctor’s advice is required for that.

Care of Hands, Feet, Lips & Skin in Winter!

Common causes of cold hands and feet:

The body’s circulatory system delivers warm blood throughout the body. As a result, the whole body is warm. But when you are in the cold, your body’s immune system becomes active. In this case warm blood goes less to the skin of the body. Because the body knows that most heat escapes through this area. In this case, more warm blood reaches the middle part of the body. Because there are important organs in this part of the body. The body wants to keep those organs warm. It is a normal cause of cold hands and feet.

Hypothyroidism: Most of the men and women in our country are suffering from this thyroid problem. Thyroid is the body’s energy balancing gland. The thyroid gland does not produce thyroid hormones properly or in the right amount. Symptoms of this disease include cold hands and feet or feeling very cold. Result-hormonal imbalance occurs in the human body. Patients with this disease have trouble keeping their body warm. So their hands and feet are almost cold.

Raynaud’s disease: If a person does not have hypothyroidism, it is assumed that the person has Raynaud’s disease. Small blood vessels in the hands and feet of people suffering from this disease are blocked. As a result, the warm blood cannot reach the hands and feet, so the hands and feet are cold.

Diabetes problem: This problem can occur if a person’s sugar is not under control. In this case, people can get peripheral neuropathy from sugar indefinitely. As a result, the nerves of the legs are paralyzed. Besides, peripheral artery disease can occur from diabetes. This disease causes blood flow problems in the blood vessels.

Mental Anxiety: Many times it is seen that cold hands and feet cause mental anxiety. Anxiety increases the amount of the epinephrine hormone in the body. As a result, the problem arises when the hands and feet feel cold.

High cholesterol in the body: While good cholesterol is beneficial for the body, bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart attacks. Cholesterol can build up inside blood vessels and cause serious problems. Then the hands and feet may feel cold.

How to keep hands and feet warm

  • Good socks and glasses should be worn. To keep the hands and feet warm, they should wear good clothes. As a result, hands and feet will be warm.
  • Apply mustard oil on hands and feet. As a result, the blood flow to the hands and feet increases. It feels hot. Many times body shivers at night due to cold hands and feet. So you should apply mustard oil at night before going to sleep.
  • Regular exercise is necessary to keep the body warm. Exercising increases blood circulation in the body. Exercise at least 25to30minutes a day.
  • If it is too cold, use a heating pad to warm the hands and feet.
  • Symptoms of anemia may occur due to decreased blood flow in the body. In that case, more greens, vegetables, fish, meat etc. should be eaten.
  • Water consumption is less in winter because of cold hands and feet. As a result, body moisture decreases. Due to this, hands and feet become cold. So drink enough water in every day day.

12 Home remedies for Winter Skin Care

Care of Hands, Feet, Lips & Skin in Winter!

Honey: Honey contains antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. Which is very beneficial for the skin. You should mix one teaspoon of honey with two spoons of milk powder and a pinch of turmeric well and keep it in your mouth for 15 minutes.

Ghee: Ghee has moisturizing properties. Which makes the skin more smooth and soft when applied daily on hands, feet and face.

Lemon: Lemon contains citric acid. Mix it with honey to make a paste and put it in your mouth. Then wash off the paste when it dries, it will make the skin look smoother and more radiant.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil as we all know is a very effective oil. Because this oil makes the dry and rough areas of our body smooth and soft very easily. So keep the part of your body that looks dry and rough with coconut oil.

Aloe Vera: We have nothing new to say about Aloe Vera. Because you all know aloe vera is a very effective plant. So use aloe vera juice on your face daily, there is no need to wash it.

Neem leaves: Make a paste by mixing neem leaf powder or gur with honey and turmeric gur. Then keep it in the mouth for 10 minutes. After that, wash off the roughness of the skin.

Things that cannot be done in winter

In winter many of us use different ingredients or unnecessary things in the skin without knowing much. This causes our lips and feet to crack in winter. Sometimes our skin looks more rough and dry without even realizing it. Which is very embarrassing. So we will mention below some things that should never be done during winter. So let’s find out.

Use of hot or cold water: Never use very cold and very hot water on your face in winter. Because it removes oiliness and moisture. For this you can use Kusum Kusum hot water.

Rice gurr face pack: You should never use rice gurr face pack in winter. Because rice contains a lot of starch which makes the skin dry. So avoid using this face pack when winter comes.

Frequent face washing: People who are in the habit of frequent face washing should avoid this habit in winter. Because frequent face washing makes the skin look more dry and rough. So stay away from this bad habit in winter.

Removing makeup: Those who use makeup in winter must remove makeup even with olive oil before going to bed. Because if the makeup is not removed, the skin becomes drier and pale as a result of having the makeup on the face all night. So before you go to sleep at night, try to remove the makeup and sleep.

Causes of cracked lips and ankles

Many of us suffer from cracked lips and cracked heels during winters. The only reason for this is lack of water. Because there are many of us who drink very little water during winter. As a result, our body is likely to become dehydrated or in many cases become dehydrated. So drinking plenty of water is a must as a solution to this problem of chapped lips and feet due to dehydration.

5 types of Meryl for Winter Lips Care

Care of Hands, Feet, Lips & Skin in Winter!

Girls winter Meryl! Friends, when winter comes, we all have a worry. And that is chapped lips in winter. This is a common issue. And the main reason for these chapped lips is that it happens due to the lack of water in our body. That’s why if we use Meryl every day, then this Meryl gives our lips a more beautiful and bright color by removing water from our lips.

So many of us buy Meryl from different shops. Today through this post we will tell you about some working Meryl. You can protect your lips by using the Meryls. So let’s know about some such Meryl.

Meryl petroleum jelly

What happens when our nails touch any part of the body in this winter? From these spots we can understand what our skin needs. Your skin needs special protection from this winter. Compared to other countries or regions, the climate of our country is temperate, so when winter comes, dryness occurs in our skin. And Merrill petroleum jelly is the only protection charm to protect us from this winter.

Because Meryl petroleum jelly contains jojoba oil and lemon fragrance. Which protects our lips from the harshness of winter. Because we all know jojoba oil protects our skin from roughness. So you can definitely keep Meryl Petroleum Jelly with you this winter.

Meryl Lip Balm

You can use Meryl Lip Balm to keep your lips smiling. Because this Meryl lip balm contains vitamin E. Which protects our lips from this winter. Meryl Lip Balm enriched with vitamin E makes your lips smile more attractive and fresh. So you can use Meryl Lip Balm to keep your lips smiling.

Meryl Olive Oil

It is made after sourcing the highest quality olive oil from Europe. Where every quality is taken care of. And for this, if Meryl olive oil is used, smoothness is felt in the skin. As we all age, our skin loses its smoothness and suppleness. So, if you use Meryl Olive Oil for a long time, you will not get any signs of aging.

Besides, you can massage your baby with Meryl Olive Oil if you want. Through this, the smoothness of the baby’s bones and skin increases a lot. Massaging olive oil daily increases blood circulation in the body. The result relieves stress and makes your skin softer and smoother.

Meryl Lip Gel

We cover all the parts of our body with winter clothes. But we can’t cover our lips. As a result, there is a water gap between the lips and the lips burst and bleed. Which seems very uncomfortable to present itself in front of others. But Meryl Lip Gel offers the ultimate solution. Because Meryl lip gel contains special aloe vera gel. Which helps restore your smile by eliminating dry lips. So you can use Meryl Lip Gel to keep your lips smiling this winter.

Meryl Glycerin

Glycerin has been used in our skin care for many years. Glycerin is also used in the preparation of various food products and in the manufacture of various cosmetic tools. On the other hand, glycerin is very sensitive to the skin and its moisturizing power is very high which can protect your skin this winter. Since this product is made of 100% glycerin, you can use it with water if you want.

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