Earn by Affiliate Marketing 2024

Earn by Affiliate Marketing 2024

The entire world is now online based. Earlier online system was emphasized in the work of publicity campaigns. Affiliate marketing has become a unique demand of digital marketing in the modern era. A marketer represents not only promotion but also sales. But many of us do not know what affiliate marketing is. Today’s discussion is about detailed information about what affiliate marketing is and how you can earn as an affiliate marketer.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing. Affiliate marketing is the promotion of products or services from product manufacturers to consumers through affiliate links for a specified commission. Affiliate marketing involves marketing using popular influencers, Facebook pages/groups, YouTube, Instagram, websites, emails, etc. The salesperson is paid his commission by tracking specific affiliate links.


How Affiliate Marketing Works

Product production is the initial stage of any marketing. Similarly, in affiliate marketing, affiliate programs are created from product manufacturers. A manufacturer launches an affiliate program on its products to sell or increase sales. Affiliate programs typically involve four parties. namely-

  1. Seller/Vendor: Seller is the person or organization producing the goods. Basically the director of the Helali Affiliate Program.
  2. Affiliate Marketer: Affiliate marketer advertises/promotes the seller’s products. A marketer is usually employed to increase the sales of a seller’s organization for commission purposes. Affiliate marketer promotes products through various online and offline channels.
  3. Affiliate Marketing Network: Affiliate Marketing Network works to establish coordination and communication between sellers and affiliate marketers. It is not a binding party. But in the age of information technology such networks are much more important.
  4. Consumer/ Buyer: Here the person who buys the product using the affiliate link is the consumer. They will buy products from specific affiliate marketer links. And affiliate marketer will get commission from that product dividend.

From the continuity of the above parties it is understood how affiliate marketing works.


Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can basically be divided into three categories. namely

  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing
  • Related Affiliate Marketing
  • Involved Affiliate Marketing

Unattached Affiliate Marketing: In this type of affiliate marketing, a marketer is not affiliated with the seller’s product. Contacting buyers about products is also not allowed. As a result, you can give any recommendations or advice to buyers about the product. But promote products using affiliate links.

Related Affiliate Marketing: In this type of affiliate marketing, a marketer is connected to the product and the customer. Advising customers about products can increase sales. In this case it is allowed to connect with buyers. But a marketer cannot claim to have used that product.

Involved Affiliate Marketing: This type of affiliate marketing is built on deep connections between certain products, a marketer, and an affiliate program. The marketer claims to have used the product while promoting the product. A customer buys the product by gaining confidence in their review.


Types of Affiliate Marketing Products

Affiliate product niches or categories can be divided into three categories. namely-

  • Physical product.
  • Digital products.
  • Lead generation.

Physical Product: The product that has a physical form, structure, shape is a physical product. Product buyers purchase such products for use in various daily activities. For example: supplements, beauty products, fashion products, hardware/accessories, electrical products etc.

Digital Products: This type of affiliate marketing consists of products that do not have any physical form. The product has no structure, shape or physical structure. However, a customer purchases such products for various virtual needs. For example: website themes, e-books, various corporate courses, domains, hosting etc.

Lead Generation: This is a popular product in modern affiliate marketing. In this type of marketing, the buyer does not have to spend money to purchase any product. But you will get the commission only when the desired work of the seller is completed. For example: email subscription, apps install, website signup, android apps signup, channel subscription etc. It has become one of the biggest means of earning online. This type of affiliate marketing is also known as CPA marketing.


Earnings of Affiliate Marketers

How affiliate marketing pays varies by product type. Commissions are not only earned by selling products. Marketers earn in different models. Currently, the top 5 models of income in marketing are:

  • Pay Per Sale: Most of the marketers in the world earn under this model. In this case, a buyer will purchase a product using a marketer’s affiliate link. Then the market will get a portion of the sales as commission. Income will be only if it is sold.
  • Pay Per Lead: In this case, an affiliate marketer gets a commission when the lead is generated from the link. Email subscription, apps install, website signup, android apps signup etc. are done from affiliate link. Leads are basically collecting information to contact the customer.
  • Pay Per Click: This type of affiliate marketing is introduced to build the brand image of some organizations. An affiliate marketer has to promote the link of that company/product. The more clicks on that link, the more money is paid. This is the easiest method of affiliate marketing and the income is also low.
  • Pay Per Action: Action means performance. When an affiliate marketer’s influence on an organization’s business benefits, the marketer receives a certain amount of money.
  • Pay Per Install: Companies making various mobile apps, games pay this type of affiliate model. Marketer promotes any games or apps with affiliate links. Marketer gets commission if any user installs apps from that link.


How to start Affiliate Marketing

Earn by Affiliate Marketing 2024

To start affiliate marketing you must have a basic understanding of marketing. Then you can start affiliate marketing by following the steps below:

Step 1:

Creating Traffic Sources: The most important thing for any sale is the buyer. In affiliate marketing, customers or visitors are called traffic sources. Build your good amount of followers/traffic source in the beginning to earn. For example, YouTube channel, Facebook page, blog, Instagram influencer account etc.

Step 2:

Selection of Product Niche: Understand the needs of buyers according to your traffic sources. In this case keep in mind-

  • What is the age of the customer?
  • Most of the customers are of either gender.
  • What kind of products do customers like?
  • What is your customer’s budget?
  • A citizen of any country.
  • How is the competition of other marketers in the product category etc.
  • Promote- right product to the customer at the right time.

Step 3:

Affiliate Account Creation: First, get an idea of how to do affiliate marketing. Choose a trusted affiliate program from another provider. Create an account there as an affiliate marketer.

Step 4:

Affiliate Link Collection: You will be given unique links from specific affiliate program sites. Collect such links by product.

Step 5:

Promote the Product: Now promote the product using that day to your traffic source. The wider your traffic sources, the greater the potential for sales and income.


Ways to do Affiliate Marketing

One of the biggest ways to be successful with affiliate marketing is to have a huge traffic source. The more people your product link reaches, the more sales will increase. For this you can follow multiple channels of affiliate marketing. Below are the ways in which affiliate marketing can be done:


01. Social media marketing

The most popular and common way of affiliate marketing is social media marketing. This way it is possible to get maximum traffic. Facebook has around 296 million active users. About 16.8 billion visits per month. Especially on Facebook we get reviews, advertisements and affiliate links of various products. Besides, you can promote the product through social media like Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Marketing using your fan following on social media is also called influencer marketing.


02. Website Affiliate Marketing

You can promote products to visitors by creating a website with free or paid domain-hosting. It is also very popular like social media marketing. Write review articles for different types of products on your website. Mentioning the pros and cons of that product, the buyer should give the affiliate link within the post to purchase the product. According to the demand, the buyer will click on that link and purchase the product from the seller’s/e-commerce website. In this case you must have a good understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Only then your article will rank and product affiliate link will reach visitors.


03. YouTube Affiliate Marketing

You can use affiliate links with product reviews through YouTube videos. This is the most popular, used and renowned video platform in the whole world. Open your channel here and try to create a good number of subscribers. Create quality full videos on YouTube to attract buyers. You can also earn from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing by selling some products.


04. Affiliate Advertising

Advertising is usually used for high value products. Create video advertisements for affiliate marketing of high-value products. Or you can use the manufacturer’s own advertisement. You can sell by adding your affiliate link to that ad. You can advertise on Facebook, YouTube, Google or other media.


05. Email Marketing

This is another popular medium of affiliate marketing. Usually, this medium is used to create a product brand image of a company, to reach direct product links to consumers, to generate leads. For this, collect the mail addresses of targeted customers. Then send email with product details.


06. Text Message Marketing

The prevalence of text message marketing is less than other mediums. Through this various offers and products are promoted. You can send a message with the product link to the target customer’s mobile number. For this, the SIM operator can collect the number data from the company or through various means. You have to start knowing the details of how to do affiliate marketing in the above mediums.


Profitable and Famous 3 Affiliate Programs

Earn by Affiliate Marketing 2024

Nowadays many e-commerce websites are created. There are many famous affiliate programs in the world. From there the most profitable and suitable affiliate programs for Indians and Bangladeshis are discussed below:


01. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon operates the largest affiliate program in the world. Its spread is all over the world. Around 45% of affiliate marketing in the world is around Amazon. Currently, Amazon’s market value or Net Worth is $1356.52 billion. Amazon’s official website receives 2.2 to 2.5 billion visitors per month. It has become the most visited affiliate marketing network in the world, including the United States. Amazon has all types of affiliate products like physical products, digital products, lead generation etc.

To join the Amazon Affiliate Program as a marketer, an Amazon Associates account must be opened. An affiliate partner can generate separate links for Amazon products. That link can be promoted to your traffic source through image, ad or direct text. The amount of commission paid by Amazon Affiliate Marketing depends on the sales. Amazon pays affiliate marketers 1-20% commission. An Amazon affiliate marketer in America earns 55-60 thousand US dollars a year. Apart from selling Amazon products, you can do all kinds of work such as offer promotion, Amazon Bounty Program, lead generation, etc.


02. Alibaba Affiliate Program

Alibaba runs another famous affiliate program in the world. It is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. Online stores owned by Alibaba Group receive 917.2 million visits per month. You can sell all types of products by joining Alibaba as an affiliate partner. Depending on the product, it is possible to get 1%-20% commission on Alibaba.


03. Daraz Affiliate Program

Daraj is one of the largest e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. 17,258,000 or more visitors come to Daraz every month. Currently Daraz branches in Bangladesh and Pakistan have more than 17 million products. It is the most popular online platform for shopping in Bangladesh. Delivery, packaging of the product will be handled by Daraz. Daraz is currently limited in taking affiliate partners. But you can also become an affiliate partner if you apply properly. 8-12% commission depending on the product. How to do affiliate marketing in Daraz, first of all you have to start with an idea.


Affiliate Marketing Income Rate

How much money you earn as an affiliate marketer depends on several factors. For example-

  • Sell a niche product.
  • Product price.
  • Amount of commission.
  • Your traffic volume.
  • The market value of the company whose product will be sold.
  • Experience on your marketing strategy.



Earning through marketing is currently a topic of interest for many people. But without expertise in this regard, it is difficult to survive in the competition. Initially you can get ideas from YouTube or website to earn income by marketing. Various professionals have published many video courses about affiliate marketing on YouTube. It is possible to become an expert by seeing them.

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