Earn by Writing Articles – 2024

Earn by Writing Articles - 2024

There are various ways to earn online these days. One of the popular ways is to earn by writing articles. It is better if you speak English well. Scope of work will increase. It means global job opportunities will be created. Payment will also be good. Nowadays, the demand and impact of digital marketing has increased tremendously in the internet world. Writing articles and promoting them over the internet is a part of digital marketing. That’s why article writers are in great demand. If you want to know how to start making money writing articles in 2024 then this article is for you.

Writing Articles

Informative and meaningful essays or articles on a particular topic. An article provides an enlightening discussion on the topic at hand. The person who writes the article either knows the subject very well beforehand or the writer has to study, study and research the subject before writing. People can learn about that topic by reading an article.

Previously, articles were usually written through newspapers, magazines, etc. But nowadays it is written through online blogs, forums, websites as well as digital marketing. Articles published on blogs or websites are usually written between 500 and 5000 words. You can write articles online on any subject you know or have heard about.

Article Writing Rules

Whether you write articles online or offline, you must follow certain rules. If you don’t write well, people won’t get the satisfaction of reading your writing, and the purpose for which readers come to read your writing won’t be successful. As a result, readers will not want to read your writing a second time. If you can’t build a circle of readers through writing, writing is useless. Therefore, before writing the content, you need to know what the readers really want to know when reading your article, and that information should be included in your article.

That way your readers will be happy to know what they want to know and if the readers are happy then the content you are writing for will be successful. When it comes to writing, however, each person’s style is different. Articles published on the web are topic-based discussions and written for a specific purpose. Follow these few rules given below while writing your article.

1. Keep the reader’s needs in mind

While writing the article, the article must be written keeping in mind. This is because if the people you are writing the article for do not learn or know anything from it, then your writing is worthless. After choosing the topic, you need to think about what the people you are writing this article for actually want to know through this article. If your target audience benefits from your written articles, they will become your regular visitors and customers.

That’s why you have to research at the beginning of writing what people are actually looking for, what they want to know, what they want to learn. If you write content with these things in mind, your writing objectives will be achieved very easily. Always try to be accurate and more informative. But try to give information about what you are writing about. Don’t oversize text with irrelevant information. Because a reader wants to know more information, if there is other information than the topic he is coming to read the article to know, he will get bored and lose interest in reading.

2. Do Research

Maybe you are a very good writer, blogger or whatever so you say you know everything in the world but you don’t. All people are experienced in one or the other so it is natural that they will not be all experienced. So even if you go to write, you will find many things that you don’t know, don’t know or don’t know correctly. What to do then? Then you need to study a bit about what you don’t know. This is the secret of writing.

All the big and famous writers in the world use this technique. If you want to write, you have to do the same. So be sure to do some reading yourself before writing. There are now several trusted websites for collecting any information. Of these, Wikipedia is the best.

3. Introduction writing

Write an introduction related to the topic at the beginning of your article. Here you try to give a complete idea of what you have written throughout your article, why readers should read your article, what they will learn and know from it. In the role, you should never write something that tricks readers into reading the entire article. As you wrote in the introduction, hilsa fish readers went in and got fish. Write now a clear idea of what you will write inside. Don’t make the introduction too big. Between 200 and 300 words is fine.

4. Making Points

Make some points beforehand on the topic you are going to write an article about. This will make your writing easier. And you’ll have time to think ahead about what you’re going to write about. This will improve the quality of your writing. And if you write on different topics, the readers will be able to get to know different things. By doing this, your writing will be well accepted by the readers.

5. Use of Heading Tags

You must understand the proper use of heading tags while writing articles. Using headings is very important in writing a good article. There are 6 types of heading tags in HTML – h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. H1 is used at the beginning of the page title followed by h2, h3, h4 etc. These are used in special cases when required. If you are writing in the classic editor of WordPress then like the image below

Earn by Writing Articles - 2024

From here you can control the headings. You must use headings when writing articles.

6. Written in Paragraph Form

While writing articles you must write in short paragraphs. This will make readers feel comfortable. If you write too long paragraphs, the readers feel bored to read, so many times the reader may skip the article without reading the whole. The request should be written neatly in paragraph form. And if you organize and write in paragraph form, your article will look very beautiful. In this case you should visit some popular blog sites and get ideas before writing. How they actually compose an article.

7. Use of Article related Images

Make sure to use images related to the article to make it more interesting. By doing this, just as your article will look beautiful, your statement or what you really want to convey, the message will emerge better. It would probably take an extra 100 words to write what you can convey with an image. Then what can be explained in writing is not possible in images. Again, what can be conveyed by images may not be fully explained in writing. So use images that are relevant to your topic.

8. Use bullet points and numbers

If there is a serial by serial topic in your article, then you must list it in the form of bullet points or numbering to make it easier to read and understand the article. You may have noticed a paragraph above this article. I used points in the section on making points. In the same way, you will write your article in list format according to your needs.

9. Grammar and spelling

Grammar and correct spelling are very important in blog writing. Because poor grammar and spelling will make your readers lose confidence. And when your writing contains incorrect grammar and incorrect spelling, visitors will turn away from your writing. So a post or article must be revised before publishing. 


Method of Earning by Writing Articles

Earn by Writing Articles - 2024

1. Earn by writing articles on your blog or website

If your writing skills are good then you can create a website under your own name and earn money by writing there. Now you can think again that making a website is a matter of a lot of trouble and cost. If you think so then I say you are wrong. Creating a blog type website is not difficult at all. You can do it yourself. No need to spend any money for this.

In this case, you can set up a website in your own name for free using WordPress or Blogger platforms. This article is not going to discuss how to make a website as well as how to earn by writing articles. If you want to create your own website for free, you can read the following two posts. Popular ways to earn money from writing your own blog are advertising and affiliate marketing.

Advertising: You can generate income from blog site by displaying advertisements of various companies on your blog site. You can earn by collecting ads directly from any company and displaying those ads on the blog site. There are also different types of advertising networks. Like- google adsence, yllix, revcontent, media(dot)net, infolinks etc.

You can partner with any of these companies to display ads on your website. All of these are very reliable companies. You can join these companies if you have 20/25 good quality content on your website. After that, those companies will work to show advertisements that publish content regularly. You don’t have to do anything special. Auto income will be generated from your website. Your website doesn’t sleep even when you sleep.

Affiliate Marketing: You can earn by writing review articles of different companies’ products on your website and using affiliate links. Almost all ecommerce sites now have affiliate programs. For example, Alibaba, Amazon, themeforest etc. These webs have millions of products that they sell all over the world.

By joining as an affiliate partner of these companies, you can write product reviews and promote them through your website. If someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product on that website, you will get a commission from there. In this way, the more articles you write and promote, the more people you can reach, the more income you can make from your website.

2. Earn online by writing articles on other websites

Now if you ask I don’t have a website can I earn online by writing articles? The answer is yes. Even if you don’t have your own website, you can earn money online by writing articles. There are various types of websites who collect articles from outsourcing and publish them on their website. You can join any such website and earn online by writing articles. There are many websites that pay for writing articles in Bengali where you can write. I am giving two examples of websites here-


3. Earn by writing articles by working in the Company

If you can write good quality articles then you can earn money by writing articles according to the needs of that organization by working in an organization. There are many organizations in Bangladesh that hire good quality article writers. But in this case, you must write according to the needs and requirements of the organization you will work for.

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