Improve Memory and Sharpen Eyesight

Improve Memory and Sharpen Eyesight

Improve Memory>> If you want to improve your memory and sharpen your eyesight, follow some rules! Let’s friends then without further ado let’s start with ways to increase intellectual power or memory and follow some rules to sharpen eyesight.

There are many people who can remember an event or subject very well. In this case, you may think that your talent is low! No, your talent is definitely not low. Not everyone’s brain structure is the same. So not everyone can remember the same way. You too can improve your memory by adopting some simple tricks.

Discussion about memory

We are learning many things in every moment of life. But whatever we learn, we remember very little of it. If you calculate, it will be seen that we do not remember even 10 percent of the knowledge we have acquired. But why? This is because our brain mainly stores certain amount of information. And new information is stored in the brain in the form of temporary memories.

When these short-term memories are repeated over and over again, they become long-term memories in the brain. So if we don’t repeat the newly learned things, we forget them. Well, can this forgetting or not remembering have anything to do with numbers or mathematics? Is it possible to explain the tendency to forget mathematically? In 1885, a German scientist named Hermann Ebbinghaus established a formula. He believed that the human tendency to forget could be explained mathematically.

Learn how to improve memory

Improve Memory and Sharpen Eyesight

1. Relieve depression by reducing stress– Depression is the most damaging to the brain under stress. Depression reduces your ability to concentrate and increases cortisol levels in the blood. Brain function decreases when cortisol levels rise.

2. Exercise regularly – Exercise not only keeps your body active, it also keeps your brain active. Obesity and being overweight is also bad for your brain. If you do not exercise regularly or if the body parts are not active, fat accumulates in the blood vessels. As a result, normal blood circulation is disrupted. As a result, the supply of oxygen through the blood to the brain is blocked. Due to which brain cells can be damaged. So exercise regularly, keep your body parts active.

3. Listen to music – Researchers have shown that some music can improve memory. Here’s the thing – if you listen to a song during an event, then when you listen to that song again, the memory of that event will be evoked in your brain.

4. Teach others – what you want to learn yourself. Learn it once and teach it to others. While teaching another person, you will see that you can catch the gaps in your knowledge. Again the practice will be through teaching another person. You can also share your thoughts on something new. Then it will stay in your memory.

5. Adequate sleep – An adult needs 8 hours of sleep daily. A good night’s sleep makes your entire body as well as your brain more efficient. So you can improve your memory by getting enough sleep regularly.

Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise results in increased oxygen delivery to the brain. In order to remember something for a long time, it has to be stored in the brain as a long-term memory. If you try to remember something by force, chances are high that you will easily forget it. Because, the brain takes some time to convert any information into memory. If forced to remember, the normal functioning of the brain is disrupted.

Exercise Increases Brain Size: Exercising increases the size of the brain along with the muscles of the body. Exercise increases the number of synapses in the brain. As a result, new cells are formed in the brain. And cardiovascular exercise results in a higher rate of oxygen and glucose supply to the brain.

Walking improves memory: If you try to memorize a word or sentence by walking, it will stay in your mind for a long time.

Find relaxation: Low levels of stress are actually good for health. It gives the power to deal with the situation quickly in times of danger or emergency. But chronic stress and anxiety are bad for the brain. So, it is very important to find leisure time in between work.

Do something new: One way to increase brain power is to challenge the brain to do something new. This can be done through painting or a great plan to learn a foreign language.

If you want to sharpen your eyesight, follow the rules below

The way to keep the eyes! Friends, just as the phone’s camera is important, eyes are an important part of our body. We need to be aware to keep these eyes healthy. Because nowadays people are suffering from eye diseases more. So friends in today’s post we will give you some tips or medical advice on how to keep your eyes healthy.

About the Elastic lens inside the Eye

Improve Memory and Sharpen Eyesight

Eyes are the mirror of the mind. Our eyes tell the mind. How much literature and songs have been written about eyes. The structure of our eyes is so complex that it sometimes defies imagination. The eye works much like a camera. The eyelids act like the shutter of a camera, the elastic lens inside the eye that focuses the visual object and then through the necessary processing once we see it. This process takes a few moments.

If a pair of glasses come on the nose before these eyes, then it is no doubt very painful! If so, you don’t have to do all this and your eyes will be fine. There are a few things you must be careful about to keep your eyes healthy.

Reasons for wearing glasses

Younger students nowadays have to carry glasses and heavy power. Many people are wearing contact lenses to avoid the hassle. But there are many reasons for this vision problem. Glaucoma or increased eye pressure causes the optic nerve of the eye to become useless and loss of vision. Inflammation of the eye canal and swelling of the external vein of the eye and infection. Due to lack of vitamin A, the mucous membrane of the eye becomes dry and the cornea becomes ulcerated. Uveitis or Inflammation of the vascular coat leading to destruction of the conjunctiva.

Myopia or inability to see distant objects clearly or blurred vision. In this disease, the reflection of the object is formed before the retina. Also, sitting in front of the computer at work for a long time, keeping your eyes on the mobile screen for a long time, watching too much TV, etc. results in blurry vision, headaches, or red eyes.

Dos and don’ts for eye care

Taking a break – Those who work desk jobs or work on computers for long periods of time, have to maintain focus for a long time at a short distance, so far vision deteriorates. As a result, there is a chance of myopia. If you have a habit of reading books, read with your eyes at 30° and don’t read too much. It is not right to read a book lying down. Watch TV at a minimum distance of 10 feet. So, while working at the table, take a break for 30 minutes and watch distant things. Look at green plants and it will relax your eyes.

Blinking – Whether it’s a laptop monitor or a phone screen or a TV’s LED display, the most harmful blue rays come out, which causes insomnia and lack of concentration along with the twelve of our eyes’ pupils. So blink your eyes frequently or your eyes will become dry. It is important to blink at least 15 times per minute. If possible, install a glare free screen on the monitor. It will filter the blue light.

Adequacy of light – Many of us have a habit of watching TV in a dark room, it may be more fun and enjoyable, but ultimately it puts severe pressure on the eye rod cells. This results in strain on the eye muscles and increases the chances of eye diseases. The inside of the eye may be deformed. So give up the habit of working in low light.

Triphala Mantra – Ayurvedic treatment is very effective. Grind the amlaki, harataki and bahera in a blender. In the morning you can mix triphala powder with water on an empty stomach. It protects the ability to separate the color of the eyes and the delicate things inside the eyes and retains the moisture of the eyes.

Increase Vitamin Intake – Eating too much fish is a major obstacle to keeping your eyes healthy. Also, disinterest in green is a big reason.
But eye contact with vegetables is very skillful. So eat carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, beans, peppers, fruits and dry fruits with your eyes closed. It contains the source of all vitamins.

Watching the Sunrise There is nothing like morning sunlight to increase eye sensitivity and reduce relaxation.
So go for a walk in the morning and close your eyes and see everything in the light. It will keep you healthy and well.

Touch of warmth – if you feel tension in the eyes, rub the palms of your hands together and warm them for 30 seconds, closing the eyelids and pressing on them. This is an instant trick. It is effective and safe for eyes. Eye sensitivity will decrease and activity will increase.

Eye exercise- Keep the head still and rotate the eyeball clockwise 10 times and anti-clockwise 10 times. Doing this will prevent redness and heaviness of the eyes. Close the eyes and lift the eyeball from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Do this 5-10 times. Hold a pen or flower in front of the eye until the eye loses its focus on it and sees it blurry. Then slowly move it away from the eye and focus on it. Do this a few times.

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