Medicinal Properties of Neem, Patharkuchi and Guava leaves!

Medicinal Properties of Neem, Patharkuchi and Guava leaves!

Hello friends, in today’s article I will discuss the medicinal properties of leaves in detail. Because 70% of common people have no knowledge or very limited knowledge about this. So through this article I will tell you and you can tell your loved ones about its benefits and its uselessness as a first aid.


Neem leaves – Medicinal properties with Diabetes

Neem has been used in various treatments for about four thousand years. Everything from the leaves to the bark, roots and fruits of the neem tree is packed with nutrients. If you regularly eat neem leaves every morning on an empty stomach, you will get many benefits. From weight loss to helping control diabetes specifically, take this. Neem also helps relieve stomach pain, ulcers, heart and artery disease, eye problems, swollen gums and liver problems. Neem leaves have a lot of anti-bacterial properties that help to boost the immune system of the human body.

Neem leaves contain proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and various amino acids. So people of India, Bangladesh and Africa believe that neem can cure 40 complex and common diseases. In today’s post, we will tell you about the various benefits of neem leaves and when, how and how much neem leaves should be consumed.

The scientific name of neem plant is Ezadirectindica. Neem leaves contain flybornet which prevents various diseases. It also contains azadirecting, butanoic acid, peterpinoids, glycosides. Benefits of eating neem leaves on an empty stomach every morning.

Medicinal Properties of Neem, Patharkuchi and Guava leaves!

1/ Controls Diabetes
Neem leaves play a special role in controlling blood sugar levels. If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes then you can chew neem leaves every morning. Because different types of glycosides are found in these neem leaves. such as flavonoid glycosides and saponin glycosides. These ingredients play a very effective role in controlling diabetes. Neem also contains a large amount of hypoglycemic ingredients. which controls diabetes. So you must consume neem leaves every morning to control diabetes.

2/ High blood Pressure Control
Neem leaves play a special role in controlling high blood pressure. It contains antihistamine properties that help keep blood vessels open. Various chemicals in neem leaves help cleanse the body from within. Also helps to purify the blood of our body. Consuming neem leaves helps in controlling high blood pressure by increasing blood circulation. If you can mix 1 teaspoon of honey and neem leaf juice with a glass of water every day, it is possible to control high blood pressure very easily.

3/ Keeps Heart Machine good
Neem leaves can be used to treat heart problems such as coronary artery disease and abnormal heartbeat. Coronary artery disease is the most common heart disease. It reduces blood flow to the heart, causing chest pain and shortness of breath. Several studies have shown that neem leaf extract helps improve heart blood circulation and keeps the heart rate normal in humans. So if you want to keep your heart healthy then you can chew neem leaves every morning or drink neem leaf juice.

4/ To help Lose Weight
There are many types of methods for reducing body weight. However, we believe that reducing body weight by adopting home methods is very effective. This is why neem leaves play a very effective role. Neem flowers help reduce body fat and increase metabolism. To reduce excess body weight, neem leaves and neem leaf flower paste mixed with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice consumed every morning on an empty stomach helps to bring about changes in your body very quickly.

5/ Helps to Eliminate Asthma
Neem oil has been used as an asthma remedy in Ayurvedic medicine for many years. The oil produced from neem seeds can be easily relieved from painful diseases like asthma if consumed regularly. Also this oil helps to fight fever and cold. If you can regularly consume a few drops of neem oil every morning then you can easily prevent asthma and free yourself from the endless suffering of asthma.

6/ Liver keeps well
Liver is an important organ of human body. And neem flower is a very effective ingredient to keep this liver healthy. Neem plays a special role in curing liver problems like jaundice. Neem leaf extract removes liver toxins and helps maintain proper enzyme levels in the liver. So you can chew neem leaves every morning or drink its juice to keep your liver healthy.

7/ Keeps teeth and gums good
Neen tree bark has been used for many years to treat tooth and gum problems. Streptococcus bacteria cause various problems in our gums. Neem tree bark is a very useful ingredient to protect our teeth from such bacteria. It contains a lot of anti-bacterial ingredients. And for this reason we see neem oil being used in various types of toothpaste these days. Neem leaves also contain antioxidants that boost the immune system of teeth and gums. It even increases the ability to prevent cancer in the mouth.

8/ Removes Eye Problems
Among the many benefits of neem leaves, one of the most important benefits is that it helps keep our eyes healthy. Neem leaves can be used as a first aid if you ever experience irritation, discomfort and other problems in the eyes. For this, take a quantity of neem leaves and boil them in clean water and when the boiled water cools completely, gently splash it in your eyes. Keep cleaning your eyes like this.

9/ Prevents Ulcers
Stomach ulcer has become a common thing nowadays. Because of all the fast food that we are constantly eating, as a result of this, a lot of gasting is increasing in the stomach. As a result, abdominal pain and other symptoms appear. And that’s why you can consume neem leaves every day. Because neem leaves are very helpful in curing stomach ulcers. Because neem leaf extract gradually reduces the amount of excess acid in the stomach.

10/ Anthelmintic Drugs
We often see that babies born with stomach worms look skinny and get sick very easily. So neem is a very important ingredient to remove worms from baby’s stomach. That is why taking the bark of neem tree three times a day with hot water is very beneficial.


Patharkuchi leaves – Remove Piles

Medicinal Properties of Neem, Patharkuchi and Guava leaves!

Friends, if you drink the juice of crushed leaves for 3 consecutive days, then those who have horse and piles disease will get rid of blood piles due to this disease in just 3 days. This juice should be consumed continuously for three days. After that, you will get the result inshallah. However, those who have severe disease can eat for 7 consecutive days up to 21 consecutive days. Because there are no side effects of consuming the juice of crushed leaves.

Patharkuchi leaves have so many benefits that it will protect you from 10 diseases and more serious diseases. As a result, the diseases that have settled in your body for a long time, you can easily drive away those diseases from the body by consuming the juice of this crushed leaf. So let’s know about all the diseases that Patharkuchi leaf juice helps to remove from our body.

1/ Abdominal Flatulence
We often suffer from flatulence. As a result of flatulence, our appetite decreases, flatulence occurs and the stomach becomes very bloated. To get a solution from this problem, if you mix a teaspoon of crushed leaves with a small amount of sugar and heat it, the problem of flatulence will go away.

2/ Removal of kidney stones
If those who have kidney stones want me to remove stones without surgery then for those people by chewing two to three leaves a day or consuming the juice, you can remove kidney stones quickly and you will recover very quickly.

3/ Eliminate the problem of cold
We often see sores appearing in various parts of the body due to colds. Ja is called meh. In this case, one spoonful of Patharkuchi leaf juice in the morning and afternoon can cure this problem very easily.

4/ Removes pain caused by gallstones
People suffering from biliousness or bilious pain can easily get rid of this complex and painful disease by consuming stonecrop leaves regularly.

5/ Cures Epilepsy
People suffering from epilepsy should take two to ten drops of the juice of the leaves of Pattarkuchi in their mouth every day. A little bit in the stomach will start the relief of the patient.

6/ Relief from long-standing cold
Apart from this, Patharkuchi leaves are very beneficial for those who are suffering from cold. For this, the juice of Patharkuchi leaves should be heated and while it is hot, a little Sohagar should be mixed. This must be measured. Remember that 250 mg of Sohagar Khai should be mixed with two to three teaspoons of Patharkuchi leaf juice and taking it twice as measured will cure the cold completely. Even if one has a cough, the cough will get better.

7/ Children’s stomach pain
In our house there are many children of small age who have stomach pain due to various reasons. For this reason, if 30 to 60 drops of Patharkuchi leaf juice are massaged on the stomach, the children will get relief from this stomach ache. Remember that no child under 5 years of age should be given the juice of crushed leaves. This is why the juice of crushed leaves should be used in the body of children.

8/ Skin Care
Experiments have shown that the leaves of Patharkuchi contain a large amount of water. The water that is used in the skin provides relief from various types of burns and skin diseases. And for this, Patharkuchi leaves should be rubbed on the skin and used.

9/ Use of stones to remove body wounds
Different parts of the body can be injured or cut when doing different types of family work. Applying crushed leaves on the cut area heals the wound very quickly. Also, if one’s hands or feet are burnt by fire, regular use of stonecrop leaves can heal very quickly.

10/ Cure Diarrhea, Dysentery and Jaundice
For long-term diarrhoea, dysentery, jaundice, 3 grams of cumin seeds and 6 grams of ghee mixed with the juice of Patharkuchi leaves can be cured by consuming these diseases for a few days. Also, you can use the leaves of Stone Kuchi for a few days to get rid of body burns, unknowingly from various types of insect stings.


Medicinal Properties of Guava Leaves

Medicinal Properties of Neem, Patharkuchi and Guava leaves!

By reading Suratul Fatiha every morning and chewing three fresh guava leaves, we will try to inform you through this post that you can get rid of all the diseases. Dear friends, you know that by eating three guava leaves continuously for seven days, you can get rid of 10 to 12 diseases including high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Besides, keeping guava leaves in the mouth removes the feeling of frostbite in the teeth.

1/ Cures all Dental Diseases
Guava leaves are beneficial for toothache. This beneficial quality of guava leaves is not limited only here. This guava leaf also protects from many important secret diseases of men and women. Another important thing is that since most of the people of Bangladesh are suffering from diabetes, it is possible to control diabetes by eating guava leaves regularly. Guava leaves reduce the amount of alpha-glucodase enzyme activity in the blood. As a result, the sugar content in the blood comes under 100% control. But keep in mind that you need to consume guava leaves in a certain quantity.

2/ Blood Pressure Control
Guava leaves prevent the conversion of complex carbohydrates into sugar. This type of sugar contributes to excess appetite and weight gain in our body. People suffering from hypertension i.e. high blood pressure can try guava leaves at least once. It will bring your blood pressure under control instantly. In this case, without taking high blood pressure medicine, you can try this herbal guava leaf at least once. Because guava leaves prevent blood from thickening in the human body. It also helps in controlling the blood pressure by maintaining the level of blood circulation in the body. As guava leaves are high in fiber and hypoglycemic religious, it can work against high blood pressure very easily.

3/ Keeps the brain healthy
Guava leaves are not just for adults to eat. Guava leaves can be fed to  small and teen children’s cause you and your baby’s brain will be healthy by eating these guava leaves every day. Guava leaves are rich in vitamin B3 ie niacin and contain vitamin B6. Which is very helpful in increasing brain performance. Niacin also plays a very important role in improving brain blood circulation and concentration. Feeding guava leaves daily to your inattentive school going child will make him focus on his studies.

4/ Removes hormonal problems
Thyroid is one of the most important hormones in the body. If these thyroid hormones are produced less or more in the body then there is a thyroid hormone problem in the body. And guava leaves are one of the best ingredients for this thyroid hormone treatment.

5/ Works Against Cancer
Guava leaves fight cancer. Experts have found in a test that guava leaves are rich in antioxidants light open, it can work specifically against breast cancer, uterine cancer and mouth cancer. It is also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and iron. As a result, guava leaves are very useful for various skin diseases, allergies etc. in our body.

6/ Protects from insect bites
If an insect has bitten your body without your knowledge, then using guava leaf juice will heal the wound very easily, inshallah. Guava leaves also help prevent prostate cancer in men. People with prostate problems can try guava leaves at least once.

7/ Keeps teeth healthy
Chewing just three guava leaves will cure your bleeding gums, mouth sores, toothache or any toothache. For this, guava leaves should be put back in the mouth or guava leaves should be chewed in the mouth.

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