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Mytextshare is  a platform to share text online and reimagining it the way we know it. The use of our platform gives users a hassle-free process of link sharing posts with the help of our unique link. For any student,a job-seeker or anyone who needs to convert documents into a verbal format at the quickest,Mytextshare is your Helpmate.



Why Choose Mytextshare?

Collaboration Made Easy: Mytextshare is tailored to provide a completely hassle-free experience of working harmoniously together. It makes possible to document editing, commenting , and contribution of multiple users in a real time manner, therefore people can work and share academics, business, and creative documents easily.



Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility:

Leave out here the wastage of paperwork. Mytextshare will be your text anywhere on earth as long as the latter is connected to the digital world. So whether you are working remotely or hitting the road on holiday and out of sagacity, you will be able to work with your texts. The superb information that you need is very close by and is shareable too.



Effortless Sharing and Distribution:

Simplify with Mytextshare the process of sharing files, be it from one person to another or from multiple people to some individual. Instead of sending different files through E-mail why not share a single link which will give the most current version of your work. Fast speed, grow accuracy, and provide the guarantee that the correspondents will have the most current version of the correspondents always.



Start Sharing Today:

Whether you want to quickly send a text to many people at the same time or just need a simplified way to share your texts online, Mytextshare community will provide convenience, ease of use, and instant sharing through text links. Are you a student, a professional or someone interested in quick sharing of text content - mytextshare is your right choice to make your life much easier. Apply MyTextShare from now and bring the life-long opportunity to share texts with friends by your phone.