Ways to Earn from Apps and Websites by Mobile!

Ways to Earn from Apps and Websites by Mobile!

Ways to Earn>> It has been a few years that the payment app for development of money through mobile and development of money through mobile has been in the top list of Google search results. I myself used to look for ways and apps to get money in development by earning through mobile. But, after searching how to earn money online from phone on Google, watching so many videos and reading articles, I could not find any proper way to earn money with mobile phone.

Most of the videos hope to earn thousands of dollars with mobile phones and take development money. But, to be honest, most of the online money making sites or apps are fake. Or, in ways that are not possible from Bangladesh. Even if it is really paid, still to earn 100 taka, you have to spend more than 100 taka data.

As I am a victim myself, I am writing today about ways to earn money on mobile by accumulating experience. Now you may have a question in your mind, brother, you have not found an app or a way to earn money with mobile, but you are writing about how to make online income with mobile, so will you also lie? I can not earn with mobile! But those who want to earn thousands of rupees a day with mobile right now, they can skip the article because I don’t know any such quick process. And no I am not talking about any earning apps where you can earn while lying down.

01. Earn on mobile by doing Affiliate Marketing

Ways to Earn from Apps and Websites by Mobile!

I will tell you today how to earn money with mobile phones, among them the easiest and most profitable way is affiliate marketing. Many people are earning millions of dollars in other countries by affiliate marketing. There are many websites online that survive solely on affiliate income. To earn from affiliate marketing online with mobile, we need to know a little about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing & how to do
Suppose you have a product, on the condition that you give me a commission, I sell some products by advertising or sharing your product in different places. Selling some of your products for me is affiliate marketing. That is, taking money as commission by helping others sell their products. Online work is much easier. To do affiliate marketing first we need to select a niche or topic. To select a niche, there are some things to consider, such as whether you sell products or services? Domestic market products or multinational!

Affiliate Marketing Sites
Many domestic and foreign sites are giving you the opportunity of affiliate marketing. Among the foreign sites, the most popular sites are Alibaba, Amazon. Currently, these sites also deliver in Bangladesh, so your work will be easier. Leveraging the popularity and brand value of these sites will increase your profits.

How to get affiliate product links
After deciding the type of product you want to work with, select product related sites that offer affiliate opportunities. You need to create an affiliate account by logging into the site you want to work for. Then choose their products that you can promote and attract people’s attention. Now generate your own unique link by connecting the product link with your affiliate account. That’s it, you’re done.

How to do marketing?
Marketing can be done in different ways. The more people the link reaches, the more sales you’ll make and the more income you’ll earn. That’s why many advertise on Google or otherwise. I am going to tell you some simple ways by which you can create some ads yourself.

  • you can see huge of buy & sell groups on Facebbook. There you will get good response if you share your links and pictures.
  • If you have a YouTube channel, you can promote the product or service by making videos there.
  • Articles can be written and published on various websites, you can write and publish your product reviews on these sites, and you must also provide links.
  • Create a Facebook page and sell affiliate products there.

The first three processes above will generate you lifetime leads and keep adding commissions to your account for every sale.

Affiliate marketing income
Depending on the product you can get commissions ranging from 15-40%. Among the domestic sites, Bdshop and Bahubrihi will get 20-25% commission. Even if you can sell a product of Rs 1000 per day, you can easily earn around Rs 200-300. The more campaigns you run, the more money you can earn.


02. Earn with mobile by Writing Articles

Ways to Earn from Apps and Websites by Mobile!

Article writing is our old process. Earlier our gurus and famous writers used to earn money by sending articles to newspapers. Our media has changed with the times. Our media is growing every day. News, information or knowledge is no longer limited to newspapers. There are millions of websites, blogs online now due to which we can get the necessary information. So now earning money by writing articles is one of the most popular categories in the freelancing market. If you go to the freelancing market sites, you will see that thousands of dollars are traded daily based on content.

A blog site needs to publish articles regularly to keep it updated. It is very difficult for a person to generate article ideas constantly or find time to write. This is exactly where the demand for writers is created.

Article earning site
If your English skills are good then Masha’Allah you can earn thousands of dollars by working as a content writer on various freelancing sites like Freelancer, Fiver, Microworkers, Upwork. Along with this, currently Bangladeshi freelancing sites are also increasing the amount of work. Also there are various article writing groups on various social media such as Facebook, where you can earn 500 to 1000 rupees or more with mobile for writing every thousand words. Some of the popular sites in Bengali to earn money online with mobile by writing blog articles are:

  • Techtune
  • Haichai Bengali
  • Grathor
  • Bangla Vive
  • Income Tunes
  • Ordinary IT
  • JIT
  • reflection,
  • outstanding etc.

03. Earn money with mobile by Selling Photos

Ways to Earn from Apps and Websites by Mobile!

Earning by selling photos taken on mobile is becoming popular day by day. Independent, travel-loving people are making photography a profession these days. If the photography sense is good, good amount of income can be earned from here.

Why will your photos sell?
In the above discussion we have come to know that the number of websites and blogs is increasing day by day. Also the industry is growing. There are already many companies and thousands of websites in the internet world. Each of them requires copyright-free images for various purposes. An organization regularly needs stock photos for product packaging, advertising work. The article you are reading also includes some images that are completely copyright free stock photos.

Google does not allow sites to rank online if they contain copyrighted images. Although we do not take copyright very seriously, copyright rules are strictly followed worldwide. That’s why we all need copyright free images. Hence the demand for stock photos is also high.

Where to earn money by selling photos taken on mobile phones?
If you go to Google and search by writing photo selling site, you will find many sites. When it comes to my favourites, I would say Shutterstock first. Also

  • FOAP,
  • istockphoto,

All of these are good sites.

We need stock photos, did I mention we need 10MB camera photos! Note that the average size of the images used in this article is 50 KB and that too is compressed and uploaded. Moreover now mobile camera quality is good enough for photography. So the idea that mobile photos will not sell is completely wrong.

04. Blogging

All of the above 3 ways will require you to work as an employee in someone else’s company. But this blogging thing can give you a taste of 100% independent freelancing.

What is blog and blogging? In simple words, a blog is a page or site where various articles are written and published online on a particular subject. And this process of publishing content through an online site is called blogging. A blogger can earn thousands of dollars a month. But for that you need to have a good quality blog site. If you want to earn your own independent income, then blogging is the best way. With mobile apps, you don’t have to be very fast for blogging. There are various ways to generate income from a blog site such as-

  • You can earn by showing ads
  • Google AdSense
  • Earnings can be done by affiliate marketing
  • With online service
  • Sell the product
  • Sell courses online etc.

But this way is for those who can write good articles. Even if you can only write articles, it is important to have some important things to be a successful blogger, otherwise you will not give up in the middle. So before starting a blog know what you need to know and then decide.


05. Podcasting

In this age of technology we are all busy. We all want to be multitasking. Is it possible to type on the computer while watching TV? Of course not, but listening to music is definitely possible. Because of this convenience, podcasts and podcasting are growing in popularity.

What is podcasting? How to make money making podcasts? A podcast is a simple audio file. Creating audio files on various topics and putting them on any platform is called podcasting and the audio file is called a podcast. A podcast is a simple audio file. Creating audio files on various topics and putting them on any platform is called podcasting and the audio file is called a podcast. Podcasting can be earned in various ways like –

  • Payment on opening
  • Paid subscription
  • advertisement
  • Sponsorship etc.

Podcasts can be created through mobile and the necessary editing can be done with mobile software.

06. Earn money from YouTube on mobile

Is it possible to do Youtube with mobile? Gee, I didn’t ask you to shoot. Now many people are earning money by publishing various audiobooks on YouTube. Why can’t you! You don’t need to record a video to make an audiobook, just adding some pictures to the audio file can make a good video. If your voice is strong, your subscribers will increase quickly.

Only audiobooks, now you can make various small videos in the middle of the house with mobile and put them on YouTube. As you can see, many successful YouTubers started with just a mobile phone. Moreover, now mobile cameras are of good enough quality, haha! A YouTube channel doesn’t just earn from advertising. As with blogs, it is possible to earn money here in various ways.

All the activities that we mentioned above can be more profitable if you do them along with YouTube and blogging. Because you can make use of the YouTube blog, you can develop yourself as a skilled influencer.

Last word about ways to earn with mobile

It is said to earn money through computer and through mobile, none of them is difficult. The hard part is to be patient. If you want to work online, you need to stay focused on your work. If you can maintain focus on work. Then within one or two months you will be able to start earning with mobile, inshallah. 

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